Why are Parents against Love Marriage ?

If you are one of those countless young Indians grappling with questions like “Why are Indian parents against love marriage?” or “How to convince parents for love marriage?”, look no further.

Parents are against love marriage, but this is bound to change eventually

Love marriage is a hot topic in India, a country that is considered to be the torch bearer for arranged marriage.


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The answer is very complex and changes from person to person.

It would take an incredibly long answer to cover all the reasons, so I will touch on just a few-

1. Idea of Love
The traditional idea of love is that it is fostered by a company, and company is acquired after marriage. Most of our parents are brought up with this idea. The idea of love in our generation is different, and they oppose it because that’s not how they define it.

2. Importance of Commitment.
Indian culture and society places great importance on the commitment for life, while youngsters are okay with flitting from one person to the other. This, according to most elders, is uncouth, immature, and undesirable.

3. Half-baked knowledge.
Traditionally, our parents don’t talk to us about sex, and they are worried if their young kids discover about it in some stranger’s company “the wrong way”. Opposing love is nipping it in the bud.

4. Social pressure and responsibility.
Perhaps our parents would be a lot more okay with premarital love affairs and sex if there was less or no social stigma attached to it. Also, unprotected sex can lead to diseases and pregnancy, which, for the most part, our parents have to take care of, as we do not become independent from them for a long, long time. They do not want these headaches.

5. Practicality.
Youngsters today firmly believe that love can triumph over anything- financial disparities, cultural differences, religious tendencies, educational variations- you name it. Combining that with lack of commitment or adjustment obligations, relationships don’t last after the novelty wears off. Parents see this, sometimes correctly, beforehand and hence oppose the short-term attraction.

I am sure I have missed quite a few points here, but I hope some major ones are covered.

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