What would you do if it was your last day on the earth?

As soon as you read the title, doesn’t your heart beat faster unable to accept that something of this sort could happen to you? Has this question run in your brain ever? Have you ever thought what would you want to breathe last to? Well, while some may have thought this for a while and the fear of death may have refrained from thinking further, while some may have not even felt the urge to do so. So for now, let me play a game with you – list down all the things you can possibly think of that you wish to do, possess, share or feel in your life. Interesting?

Yes, you may have filled piles of pages and still the mind shall be running errands to think if you are missing out on something! Well as it is said – Satisfied is none, except the one who consciously thinks of himself to be so. Now, let me add a twist to this game. List down all the things you would like to do, if you had just 24 hours before you go to a deep slumber forever! So fellas, did the list change? Did you feel necessary to make some additions or deletions in the same? Probably, some of the things in your list might have seemed to not be accomplish able due to the rigid restraint of time.


Got my point? This is life! Too short, shorter than you can ever think of! Even 80 years of life is vain if you have not explored your life’s to-do list and completed at least one – third of it. Yes on the contrary, even 24 hours may seem to be more satisfying than all this ages you have slogged, if that one day you have lived as if there was no tomorrow. Right?

Each day is a blessing in a sense it gives new opportunity to get closer to accomplishment of your life goals. Living longer is unimportant if you have not lived better! Don’t wish to add days in your life, but add life to each day you live – because we do not possess the supernatural power to elongate our life, but we surely do possess the magic to add life to each day that we were just trudging on in the past.

Two things – procrastinating and waiting for the right time – are the biggest enemies to do all those things we always have wanted and wished to. Why delay if you want to do it so badly and why wait for the right time when what you have done all this while is merely waiting? There is no such time as right time. It is all about mind-set. Go, get up, gear up because if not now, may be then never!

Now that you are aware and conversant with your life goals, make it a point to take a step forward towards achieving it each single day. Yes, you wish to go on that trip? What are you waiting for? Just Do It – maybe this is the last chance you have. You love someone? Just express it to that person!

Life gives second chances, but not death! So live your life to the fullest of your expectations from self. Attach your passion to your dream. Smile a lot, laugh even more. Express your love. Be gentle to each person you meet – because it may be the last time you are meeting him/her. Live with no regrets. Work hard – strive to be successful – and party even harder. Life is measured not in number of days you live, but the way you live! Add life to each single day. So Live as if it is your last day on the earth!

Courtesy : Sneha Jakhotia

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