Term & Conditions

Term & Conditions

This website is an online platform for budding writers and storytellers to showcase their and operated by winkreative.com. All the content available on this website is owned by this website and is not permitted to be used for any other commercial or personal use.

It is requested that the visitor goes through all the terms and conditions very carefully before using this website. Once the prospective user is convinced of the terms and conditions as provided in the website, he/she may register for an account.

Purpose of this website

Winkreative is a perfect platform for budding individuals who have a passion for writing. We give all you soulful storytellers and engrossed wordsmiths a platform to present your work to the world. The content can range from movies to politics, religion to music. All heartfelt and original content is welcome. Winkreative creates a profile for you with your details and all the credits for the content will be given as you publish your writing

Copyright and Trademark Protection

  • Copyright Protection

    All the content available on Winkreative is protected by copyright laws. It includes graphical work, images, photographs, videos, logos and literary work. All this material are the sole property of this website and are subject to copyright laws. Offenders of copyright laws will be charged and reported accordingly.

  • Unauthorized Use/Copying of Content

    On using Winkreative, you are bound by the agreement that you will prevent unauthorized copying of content available on this website. You are also bound by the condition that you will not copy, redistribute or download any type of content found on this website. In the event of any violation in this regard, the offender will be required to destroy the information immediately that was illegally printed, copied or downloaded from the site.


Winkreative does not hold any guarantee about the accuracy and exactness of data. The content on this website are thoughts and opinions of individuals and are in no way a representation of the website. We give free speech and a space to openly express to our writers and respect their individual opinions. Reliance on any statement is completely at the reader’s risk. It is our earnest effort to provide accurate and authentic content sans any errors but the website may sometimes contain inaccurate data or typographical errors.

Your Rights

You alone have the sole right over any personal information submitted by you to us. At the time of collection of such data we assure you of the privacy thereof. The complete security and personalization of your data is our prime duty.
We respect your privacy and hence we will not distribute, lease or sell your personal information without seeking permission from you. We promise we will not divulge or misuse the data you provide. If you think you have not submitted complete personal records with us, please contact us or write to us immediately at the given address. We will correct the information promptly for the future convenience of both of us.

Contact Us

In case of any doubts, questions or queries about the information displayed on the website or about the terms and conditions of the company’s Privacy Policy, you may contact us without any hesitation. We will be obliged to clear your issues. There are several types of contact options available for the concerned party. The consumer should not have any problem in connecting with our support team. We are easily accessible.