Relationships are one of life’s priceless treasures

When you find that special person in your life, a relationship with them will be the best highlight in your life. Relationships may have its ups and downs but it will be the greatest ride of your life.

Once there was a guy who really loved his girl way too much. Time passed and his love faded. The girl tried to adjust in every way she could. The boy started sharing his attention his love with people other than his own girl. Anyway, the girl continued. She continued to be good. She made mistakes and every time when she made one mistake she was punished by her love. She happily went through all. There were many times the guy was wrong but she always tried to let it go.Throughout she thought positive. There were times when the guy made her feel way too special but then that happened rarely. The time came when the girl wasn’t that strong she cried she screamed all alone. All she was left with is grief. The guy wasn’t bothered. The time came when the girl was alive but at the same time dead. She continued to love him. Forever and ever.


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A relationship is similar to building a house. When something is broken, you don’t go buy a new house, right? You go and fix it!

The girl was told by many other people that the guy will soon dump her badly. He will never take care of you. But she didn’t lose hope. She was the only one who believed in her love. Her family, her friends all were against her. She always said, ” successful relationship is not even close to a fairytale. It requires you to deal with your partner’s demons and bad habits. It’s about learning something new about that person every day. It takes time, effort and energy to make it work.”


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Everyone considered her mad. They said she needed mental help. But she continued to love him.

Once she was going to a market to get something for her boyfriend. On her way, he was hit by a car. She got badly injured. Someone from the crowd took her the to the city hospital, there all her friends, family and her boyfriend gathered. Doctors said that her condition was miserable. Her kidney was to be transplanted. nobody among the crowd took the initiative to help her. Her parents were crying, begging, people but everything was in vain. Doctors tried to get one, but nothing happened. Surprisingly she was taken to the operation theatre and doctors informed her parents that they got a donor who donated his kidney happily. And this shocked everyone out there. Her boyfriend saved her.


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❤ Nobody ever thought he is gonna do it. But yeah she did know. When no one else would be there, he would be.

Love is a garden where you keep sowing seeds and then one day you reap exactly what you have sown. It could be one flower at a time or a thorn at a time.

Sow wisely.

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