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31st of May, 2016 it was when I suffered a heart attack. At the age of 23, a heart attack is not so easy to accept, but it was the truth of my life. Yes, I survived of-course, but had to stay in the hospital for few more days.

Do not ask me about my mental status, I was shocked, heartbroken and thankful to the Mighty Lord in unison for making me survive. I did not heed any of the thoughts running in to my mind alike the lightning speed of Bolt. I just wished the day to dawn soon when I would be discharged for I had decided to change the way I lead my life (of-course along with the heavy dosage of medicines).

nature lessons
nature lessons

These four days (when I was conscious of-course), taught me few things which we all know but only at the back of our minds.

The first life lesson that I learnt was that Life is no probability. Yes, agree it or not, it is completely unpredictable. We usually tend to think that no kind of disease or evil could happen to us. But, life has its own rules and ways. I (at this young age I would say) never thought of being the victim of any heart disease. But, it has now become my reality. Never expect, never predict, just accept and learn is my new motto after this incident.

The second lesson that I learnt was that luck favors the one who savors hard work. One of the nurses there in the hospital, would attend me regularly and when she had no chore to do there, she would stitch few pieces of cloth sitting beside me. On asking she replied with utmost misfortune that her pay is not enough to satisfy all her needs and she has to take part time jobs for the same. To the point. My professor had once said me a Hindi phrase – “Bina Mehnat ke toh sirf jhadiyan hi ugti hai” meaning – Only weeds grow without hard work, rest all things require diligence.

And the last lesson that I learned in that four walls was that – it takes only few seconds for life to change. A lady sweeper there would always be ready to have a talk with me. She said she felt more energetic to perform her chore after talking with someone. Once, in our usual morning talk she started crying. I had no clue about what was wrong. I kept silent and consoled her. Later, after few minutes, she spoke. She said that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had never thought that one day she would be required to sweep. She lost her family and all the treasures in a tsunami and was forced to become a sweeper for a living. Yes, today you are rich, tomorrow you may not be. It is just a matter of luck. But you must never stop working.

Nothing teaches you about life like life itself. Life indeed is the best teacher. Life tests you and then teaches you a lesson and it goes on this way. Let me tell you, life is really gracious enough; those who acutely observe environment, nature, surrounding and life itself, learn their lessons right away.

I learned few of my lessons in a hospital! Hope you learn from my experience and not from any hospital!

 Courtesy : Vaishnavi Baheti

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