Do not miss out on your ‘me’ time

The endless routine that we follow every day, from work to family responsibilities, takes a toll on our body and soul. With heightened stress levels, it becomes imperative to have some alone- time to tune in to your innerself. It would not only help you to deal with difficult situations deftly, but also enables you to understand yourself and others better and find joy in everyday life. Read on to find out how to treat yourself to some ‘me’ time and never miss out on it, to up your well-being quotient…women

Stop ignoring yourself
People who are working are usually busy meeting work targets; while the ones who are homemakers (especially women) are always doing things to keep other family members happy and to remain functional, feels Dr Meera Prabhu, clinical psychologist. She adds, “If you ignore yourself for a long time, it can actually take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. It can cause problems like constant nightmares, lack of concentration and disorientation. A lot of negative thoughts keep troubling us; hence there should be times when we need to just be by ourselves.” You must make sure that you pay attention to your health woes, since, in the case of most women, the body clock ticks quite fast and by the time they actually realise, it’s too late to do something about it. So, now is the time to stop ignoring and concentrating on yourself.

‘Me’ time helps you destress
While another psychologist Stephen Manoha stresses that it is the best de-stressing mechanism for your mind and body. “‘Me’ time helps me to understand myself and develop certain abilities in me. In fact, it works wonders in times of crisis since it helps me come out with out-of-the-box solutions to a problem. People who are over- involved with their problems need to take a break. If some feel that spending quality time with family or rearranging your wardrobe could help; they are wrong. There are certain situations in life when you just need to talk to yourself and no one other than your conscience can help you,” says Manoha.

Declutter your mind
Fear, anxiety and unfulfilled dreams start occupying our mind, people start thinking about things they haven’t achieved or what life would have been if… “One should ideally spend at least half an hour for themselves, reading, exercising, listening to music, etc. However, the best thing to do is just sitting by yourself and thinking. It helps you to stop being judgmental about yourself,” adds Shalini Nagar, a counsellor. If not every day, one should spend some ‘me’ time at least four to five times a week.

Attention! Moms andhomemakers
Working mothers or even full-time homemakers who do not find a single moment to relax , go through severe stress. ‘Me’ time is extremely important to recharge yourself and self-regulation. Many women seem to have trouble even feeling like they are worthy of being put on their own list of priorities. Prerna Dhariwal, a homemaker says, “I used to think of it the same way until I had a nervous breakdown last year. We deserve this private time. Look at it this way, taking care of yourself will make you a better parent, partner and person, overall. You’ll be more fun to be around and more responsive to your family.” Like every phone needs recharging and your stomach asks for food when hungry, your mind and body too, ask for some time for themselves. ‘Me’ time can actually change the way you look at yourself; it will not just make you feel refreshed but also make you feel like a priority, which you are.


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