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About Us

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Winkreative is an emerging platform for content writers and content curators around the world. It is a platform for all the writers, bloggers, closeted poets and authors, fiction and nonfiction writers, opinionated individuals and people who believe in freedom of their expressions.At Winkreative, we give you a voice, a space to present your thoughts and views to the world – a way to share your opinions with the rest of the world and garner different views from various people.

Our goal is to create a healthy, positive and an open space for people who love interacting and expressing through penning down their thoughts. We want to initiate a network of writers and content creators and create connections with the viewers and the writers.

What kind of content do we accept?

We strongly believe in the freedom of expression and we have no barriers on what content you bring to us and once approved from our head editors, it will be published on the website. However, it is to be understood that defaming or deteriorating an individual or a brand, spewing hatred and extremism of any regard will not be accepted. We intend to create a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts and that’s what we will always aim for.

How to get on our website?

Send us your details and the content you want to publish on the website at yourstory@winkreative.in and we will get in touch with you.

How to get yourself in the Editor’s Pick list?

We appreciate all the various kinds of content you bring to us. To get into the Editor’s Pick, you have to publish your content on Winkreative on a regular basis. A particular category in which you provide the most content in and which generates a regular viewership increases your chances to get on the Editor’s Pick list.